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Get your contracts, notarial deeds, civil status documents and procedural documents translated and certified by a lawyer and professional translator.

MYDEFY is a translation and interpreting agency based in Brussels. We translate your documents from English, Hebrew, Chinese and Dutch into French. We also assist you in court or at business meetings.


As a lawyer and professional translator, I guarantee not only a perfect understanding of legal texts, but also a top-quality translation.

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Certified translations by a sworn translator

A sworn translator is a translator who has been sworn in by the Court of Appeal in his or her place of residence, and is listed in the national register of sworn translators-interpreters. He or she is therefore authorized to translate documents with legal value: civil status documents, company articles of association, contracts, procedural documents, etc.

A sworn translation is a translation made by a sworn translator, which gives it official authenticity. If the document is to be used in Belgium, the translator’s stamp is equivalent to legalization. If the document is to be used abroad, it must be legalized by the Federal Public Service Justice and the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs. Legalization gives the translation a legal status.

When you need to give your translated document official status, and guarantee your interlocutor that the translation conforms perfectly to the original document, you need to call in a sworn translator to translate and stamp your document. In fact, it’s often in your best interests to ensure that any document with legal or commercial value is considered authentic and legal.

Legal translations by a lawyer-translator

When it comes to legal translation, language skills alone are not enough. After all, the law has its own language, and legal texts are complex texts that require precise legal knowledge to translate.

The legal translator translates much more than words and expressions. It’s really a matter of transcribing a legal concept from one language into another. Indeed, legal translators are often confronted with different legal systems in which concepts are not entirely equivalent. Moreover, there is no such thing as a universal legal language. They must therefore master the jargon specific to the different legal systems in question, as well as translation techniques.

A legal translation must be carried out by a professional translator who is an expert in the law, to ensure perfect terminological consistency between the original document and the translated one. But it does not have to be certified as such to retain its legal character.

Sworn translations are certified as true copies of the original, and are authentic in court and with public authorities. This type of translation may have a legal content, but it can also be used for other documents such as diplomas, medical reports, etc.

“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.” Günter Grass

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JULIE GRYNBERG, Lawyer and Sworn Translator

«Translation requires a scientific methodology and critical thinking skills that enable the translator to grasp all the subtleties of a text. It is about understanding what lies behind the words.»


Born in Brussels, I obtained a Master’s degree in Law in 2004 (Université libre de Bruxelles), and a postgraduate degree in Philosophy of Law in 2006. I worked for fifteen years as a lawyer in Belgium, and as a lawyer specialised in real estate law in Israel.

During my studies and my career, I have always tried to combine several aeras of expertise: Law and Philosophy of Law, History, Political and Social Sciences, and Languages. That is why, after a master’s degree in law and several years of experience as a lawyer, I decided to study Chinese-English translation.

I graduated from the Institute of Translators and Interpreters of Brussels (ISTI) with a Master’s degree in English-Chinese translation with high honours in 2019. As part of this degree, I spent several months in China (Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong).

With this background, I have naturally decided to specialise in legal translation and I have started working as a freelance translator.

In 2021, I completed the sworn translator’s course at Ghent University and I was sworn in at the Court of Appeal in Brussels.

I continue to improve my skills by taking part in training courses on SEO translation and website optimisation.

I translate all your legal and commercial documents and websites written in English-Hebrew-Chinese-Dutch into French.


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As a professional translator and native speaker of French, I’m your one-stop-shop for translating your documents from English, Dutch, Chinese and Hebrew into French

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As a qualified lawyer, I check the terminology, consistency and style of your legal texts written or translated from English, Dutch, Chinese and Hebrew into French.

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As a sworn translator, I translate into French all your documents written in English, Dutch, Chinese and Hebrew, I certify them and have them legalised if necessary.

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As a sworn interpreter, I am authorized to assist police officers during hearings, and to accompany anyone who does not speak the language of the proceedings before the courts. I also assist my clients in their business meetings.


MYDEFY is a translation agency located in Brussels. We translate from English, Hebrew, Chinese and Dutch into French.