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JULIE GRYNBERG, Lawyer and Sworn Translator

“Translation requires a scientific methodology and critical thinking skills that enable the translator to grasp all the subtleties of a text. It is about understanding what lies behind the words.”


Born in Brussels, I obtained a Master’s degree in Law in 2004 (Université libre de Bruxelles), and a postgraduate degree in Philosophy of Law in 2006. I worked for fifteen years as a lawyer in Belgium, and as a lawyer specialised in real estate law in Israel

During my studies and my career, I have always tried to combine several aeras of expertise: Law and Philosophy of Law, History, Political and Social Sciences, and Languages. That is why, after a master’s degree in law and several years of experience as a lawyer, I decided to study Chinese-English translation.

I graduated from the Institute of Translators and Interpreters of Brussels (ISTI) with a Master’s degree in English-Chinese translation with high honours in 2019. As part of this degree, I spent several months in China (Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong).

With this background, I have naturally decided to specialise in legal translation and I have started working as a freelance translator.

In 2021, I obtained a sworn translator and interpreter’s certificate from Ghent University and was sworn in by the Brussels Court of Appeal.

I translate all your legal and commercial documents and websites written in English-Hebrew-Chinese-Dutch into French. I also assist you before courts, or during business meetings.



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As a professional translator and native speaker of French, I’m your one-stop-shop for translating your documents from English, Dutch, Chinese and Hebrew into French

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As a qualified lawyer, I check the terminology, consistency and style of your legal texts written or translated from English, Dutch, Chinese and Hebrew into French.

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As a sworn translator, I translate into French all your documents written in English, Dutch, Chinese and Hebrew, I certify them and have them legalised if necessary.

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As a sworn interpreter, I am authorized to assist police officers during hearings, and to accompany anyone who does not speak the language of the proceedings before the courts. I also assist my clients in their business meetings.


MYDEFY is a translation agency located in Brussels. We translate from English, Hebrew, Chinese and Dutch into French.